Selco and Parsec Finalize New Warranty Agreement to Service Belair Watch

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Tulsa, OK, February 1, 2022

Selco and Parsec are proud to announce a new, more complete agreement for Belair’s warranty and after-sales service needs.  Selco has worked with Parsec to study service data, collect information on the previous deal, and discuss experiences with current customers to develop a better warranty solution for Belair watches.

“The original agreement was between the previous owner of Belair and Parsec,” states Mark Abels, President of Selco.  He continued, “It was true to the terms of the written warranty, but it did not reflect the history of great warranty service that Belair customers had come to expect.  We have worked for the last three months to understand where warranty service fell short, what we needed to change, and finally, to come up with an agreement to service Belair the best way possible under changing circumstances.”

The original agreement between the previous owner of Belair, Alan Grunwald, and Parsec included thousands of parts from Belair’s enormous catalog of discontinued watches.  Parsec will continue to use those parts to service older watches as initially agreed to by Parsec and Grunwald.  The new agreement will focus primarily on sales of watches since June of 2020 but will also include watches that are still available from sales before 2020.  Selco will do its best to support any quartz Ronda movement from sales before it acquired Belair and sales since the acquisition. 

Selco is committed to providing ongoing sales data, registration information, and watch parts to help Parsec quickly identify warranty work versus continuous service.  Selco has also instructed Parsec to take a “when in doubt, warranty” attitude when the warranty is in question.

Selco has also created a new service system that will help address questions about how and when a watch is covered.  Jewelers will be educated on the updated system when they place new orders.  The system is designed to clarify ambiguities in Belair’s warranty program.  Watches are serviceable items that need periodic care and maintenance.  Each Belair watch is marked with a lot number to help Selco and Parsec identify the watch’s age.  The lot numbers are the centerpiece of the new system and will help align the expectations of jewelers, Selco, and Parsec.