Swiss Quartz Timepieces: Battery Replacement

Your watch is powered by a 1.5 volt silver oxide battery or a 3 volt lithium battery. When the battery is exhausted your watch will stop, or on models with the early warning EOL (End-Of-Life) feature, the second hand will start skipping. Be sure to replace the battery immediately with a qualified jeweler or our factory service center, as a dead battery may eventually leak and damage your watch. Under no circumstances attempt to replace the battery yourself!

Mechanical/Automatic Timepieces: Maintenance

Your Unlike battery operated watches, 25J self-winding mechanical watches do require maintenance. We recommend that you bring your mechanical timepiece in at least once every two years, to a qualified watch repair shop, to have the mechanism cleaned and oiled and all gaskets replaced. You can send your mechanical watch in to our factory service center for standard maintenance for a flat cost of $250. Any damaged parts which require replacement will be billed additionally.

Factory Service

Should your watch require servicing during the warranty period or thereafter, you will need to send it in to our servicing center. Follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Print out the Service Request Form and fill it out printing clearly.
  • Carefully pack your watch. Do not mail back the gift box as we cannot return it.
  • Please remove any add-on accessories before returning the timepiece.
  • Include a personal check or money order for $25.00 ($40.00 for international destinations including Canada and Mexico) for return postage, and insurance. If your watch is of higher value, additional charges may apply to cover the necessary insurance. Do not send cash!
  • Fully insure your shipment.
  • Send your watch, Service Request Form, and return postage to:
    Belair c/o Parsec Enterprises
    7501 N. Harker Drive
    Peoria, IL 61615

Time Service International is not responsible for any add-on accessories that were not part of the watch at the time of sale, including items supplied by a jeweler or other retailer selling the time piece.

For any labor or parts not covered under warranty, an estimate will be submitted for your approval before any work is performed.