This collection represents the culmination of 74 years of watch making experience.

Belair's timepieces are manufactured to the highest standards of Swiss technology and precision. By insisting on only the finest component parts, we are able to guarantee that each timepiece is a product of impeccable quality and value. Each and every watch has been assembled from Swiss parts, and is guaranteed to be accurate to within one minute per year.

Every watch features a genuine sapphire crystal and is 100% water-resistant. The stainless steel we use is surgical quality. Our gold and rose gold plating makes use of the latest state-of-the-art technology, with PVD deposits of gold and a TiN (Titanium Nitrate) alloy to permeate and harden the stainless steel. The plating will wear equivalent to 5-10 microns of traditional galvanic gold plating.

All watches are covered by a three-year limited warranty, which starts the day the watch is purchased and registered. Our luxurious packaging and displays are elegant and functional.

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